Escape of the Inner Self

Hi, all!

Alright, so one of my favorite bloggers, whom I’ve been following for years, is this photographer by the name of Leanne Cole. While I’ve been around these parts a lot less frequently than I used to be, her blog has continued to be one that inspires me. Recently, I saw a post where she featured surrealist photographer Erik Johannson.


The works on this photographer’s site are so beautiful, I was immediately inspired to do something myself.

So… I’d like to introduce Escape of the Inner Self.

To be honest, I didn’t have a process (I never have a process, probably because I’ve never been a “making plans” kind of person). I started with a fairly simple idea, me coming out of my own mouth. I had to use myself because I appear to be my only willing and available subject, at the moment.

This didn’t go anywhere near as smoothly as I thought it would (likely because I didn’t plan it out). At first, I setup my little studio with my continuous lighting setup, two point coming from the same side because I knew the back part of me was going to need to be in some pretty deep shadow. I had originally taken one on the green screen with my mouth agape, but apparently I didn’t get close enough on my own face, which left a lot of space. With my head being too small (something I’ve never been accused of having in real life), I was going to have to blow up the original photo, and of course we all know what happens when you enlarge a photo from a smaller size.

Pro Tip 001

I ultimately ended up having my girlfriend take another photo of me using my Samsung Galaxy S8. Let me tell you, that camera is on point and makes a pretty great backup. In this case, I used it because I wasn’t inclined to setup my studio again and I could take out anything I didn’t want in the background.

Some part of me regrets taking the photo with my S8, because the camera definition is so high that, looking at this photo, I realize I am in very bad need of a facial. Now if I can manage that without having to shave…

As my work progressed, I realized I was missing something: a background. Of course, given the late hour and my own lack of patience, I opted to use an area of my apartment as the background.

After importing my photos into Photoshop CC 2018, I spent a few hours putting everything together, erasing things, refining details with an agonizing amount of precision (I mean, I had to get down to the pixel at times), this is the end result:

This image is kind of a representation of how I generally feel from day to day, like I’m constantly trying to escape my own thoughts.

Okay, so it’s a rudimentary piece of work, but it’s a start. I’m kind of excited because I’m intending to work at surrealist photography, mostly because it looks like so much fun.

What do you think for first attempt? I know, I know, needs work, but we all have to start somewhere, don’t we?

Stay tuned for more and thank you for visiting!

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  1. Erik Johansson is beyond imaginary…mmm, his last name sounds Swedish have to check him now

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