Macro Photography: ‘A’ is for Alarm Clock

How you going?

So macro photography (or closeup photography) has always been one of my favorite forms of photography. While it’s a lot of work, the end product is usually pretty spectacular, depending on what you’re shooting.

My problem today is, with my current camera kit (which consists of a Nikon D3400 and two lenses), I don’t have a macro lens. Turns out that macros are terribly expensive, and I’m a broke artist on a pretty much non-existent budget.

Fortunately, there’s are a couple of solutions available.

Whenever you purchase a two lens camera kit from Nikon, you’re ordinarily going to have a telephoto lens included as the second lens. You can do all kinds of macro shots with a telephoto lens. Stabilization is a big deal, so it’s a good idea to have a tripod if you’re using a telephoto lens.

Another solution that I’ve found is macro filters. Macro filters are pretty ubiquitous and work pretty well for the price. These definitely aren’t true replacements for macro lenses, however, when you’re on a tight budget, they get the job done.

Check some examples:

So this blog is called My Object Affection because I clearly have an affection for objects. The clock was no exception. I actually ended up taking about fifty photos of this one subject, something I’ve been doing more and more, lately. Not only is it helpful to be able to see an object from different perspectives, but to me, its’ cathartic.

Probably not my best work, but you can be the judge of that.

From this point, I’ll be doing installments every two weeks going through the entire alphabet on macro photography. My goal: to sharpen my skills and further develop my creativity.

Anybody care to participate with me? Drop me a note in the comments or shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to link to you and share your works alongside mine.

Favorite site of the week:

Digital Photography School – DPS is a blog I’ve been following for years. They feature tutorials, tips & tricks, product reviews and courses for aspiring and experienced photographers alike.

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