Doing Black and White Photography

How goes it, friends?

You ever get the impression that some things you might really love are kind of underrated?  That seems to be the way with black and white photography.

Every week to two weeks from this point, I’m going to work at sharpening my black and white skills, just as I am with macro photography.  I think this will end up being a pretty exciting adventure, especially after getting to see the end results.

Check these out.  I went out to a cemetery today to capture photos of the following structure:

One of the things I realize I need to invest in is an appropriate wide angle lens.  I’m working with an 18-50mm lens, but that just isn’t wide enough to be able to capture the shots I’d like to, especially when working with a crop-frame camera like the Nikon D3400.

Stay tuned for more next week!  Until next time.

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