Monochrome Madness: OKC Womb Gallery

Hey everyone.

If you’re like me, you sometimes feel like you’re running low on inspiration. We all have these things–responsibilities, demands on our time, plots to discover and unleash the anti-life equation, which is not what its name suggests–that take our heads out of the game, distracting us from our passions and our goals.

That’s where prompts come in.

So I submitted a photo of a building in Oklahoma City called the Womb Gallery to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness.

Photograph of the Womb Gallery by Oklahoma City Photographer Ry Summers

I feel like I’ve this renewed vigor, which I’m certain will be sapped away by the next migraine I have. Enjoy it while it lasts, eh.  Check out these shots from the Womb Gallery:


Anyhow, if you’re looking to be inspired, check out Leanne’s site, and test your skills. Check out the link below.

Happy shooting!

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  1. Really awesome street art 👌👍👍👍


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