The Most Inspirational Post You Will Ever Read (but not really)

You know what I’ve discovered in the past few months?


I’m not talking about the love between a man and a woman. I’m not talking about the love a parent has for a child.  I’m not even talking about the love good people have for the whole of humanity.

I’m talking about the love for what I do.

Have you ever felt that?  I mean, have you ever really felt that kind of love?

People, I went to Oklahoma City’s Myriad Botanical Gardens a few days ago because I needed to acquire photographs of flowers (Spring is my theme this month on Instagram—more on that another time).


So I get back home, plop down in front of my computer, and I transfer the photos from my SD card to my computer, and then into Adobe Lightroom.  I realize I have over four hundred photographs snapped in around two hours of what I think are epic beauties in the Garden’s Tropical Conservatory/Crystal Bridge.

As I’m editing my photos, I come across this one:


It’s not the best photograph I’ve ever taken.  It’s not something that should be hanging in a museum or on someone’s wall (though, if you want it for your wall, I’m sure I can arrange that for you).

But when I was editing this one photograph, I was overwhelmed with this feeling like nothing I’ve ever felt.

I mean, people, I’ve been a gambler and felt that high.  I’ve done some things in my life I felt brought me close to brushing the face of God with a trembling finger.  But I’ve never felt such inspiration.

I can’t even describe it, but I’m still feeling it.  I’m feeling it so much I was finally motivated to write a blog post just to tell you about it.

I realized something: one of the most important things for the maintenance of one’s happiness is doing what you love.

I love taking photographs.  I love producing stuff that other people might appreciate.  And while my ultimate goal is to live off of what I love doing, the potential to be well off in my life is not why I love doing it.

It just feels amazing, and I really have this need to tell you about it.

You know what?  I don’t want to make this all about me.  I want to know about you, my friends.  What do you do, have done, or plan to do that gives you that gratification?  Whether you make money at it or not, what is the one thing you must do that gets you to the summit Everest and looking out at the beauty revealed by being at the top of the world?

Tell me about it in the comments.  Don’t be a stranger.

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