You’re Worried About the Bear, but…

Have you ever been so afraid of trying that every time you think about just going for it, you choke?  Like, you have these ideas swirling around in your head, every waking moment.  You diligently jot them down.  You promise yourself you’re going to act.  You even plan it out, set a schedule, and plug it into your Google Calendar.

When the time comes for you to begin that long, arduous work on making your dreams come true, you freeze.  You’re a deer in the middle of the road, way out in the boonies, alerted to your fate by the growl of mankind’s most ubiquitous innovation.  Those headlights are getting brighter and brighter, and then…



“This Road Harbors the Dead” by Ry Summers

Next thing you know, you’re hanging from some dude’s wall, staring blankly at the bear-skinned rug that was made from the hide of what you mistakenly thought was your worst nightmare.

I’m not afraid of much.  You might laugh, call me ridiculous, say I’m arrogant, but I’m not even afraid of death.

What am I afraid of, though, is dying having only ever offered lip service to my dreams.

I’m afraid of being a disappointment to myself.


One life. 

That’s all you get (unless you’re a cat).


So why should you be afraid to fail?

Now that I’ve told you what appears to be my worst nightmare, how about you?  What is your worst nightmare?  Why is it your worst nightmare?

How will you conquer it?

Tell me about it.

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