My Object Affection

09 May 2018

I’m struggling with being myself.  I’m a self-professed asshole. People who know me think I’m weird.  I can be pragmatic to the point of sounding like the second coming of Spock (or Tuvok, from “Star Trek: Voyager,” which I think might be the more accurate analogue because he’s a black guy), which is to say I can be very cold in whatever opinion or analysis I’m giving…  I’m macabre, maybe a little paranoid, and quite severe in my opinion of people who form opinions they have no rational reason to form. I’m impulsive, I’m cynical, and I’m harsh. I can be mean without intending to be, and I apparently exude contempt (mostly for politicians, people who deny facts in lieu of feelings, and people my age who still don’t know how to add their email accounts to their phones).  

…but what if you’re that person who would argue the devil was a freedom fighter?

I have no problems being honest with myself, though I’m told that I can be a bit too self-deprecating at times.

This has nothing to do with the photograph.   This particular photo is a re-edit of a photo I took a few years ago at Oklahoma City’s Lake Overholser.  The photo was edited courtesy of Adobe Lightroom.  I think it turned out pretty well, considering this photo wasn’t shot in Camera RAW (because, at the time, I had no idea what the difference between RAW and JPEG were, with respect to editing and resolution, etc).

Enjoy the photo.  Tell me what you think.

What's the good word? (Hint: it's not the bird)

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