On Killing Jiminy Cricket (or, Stop Listening to Yourself)

Have you ever been at home, just sitting around, minding your own business when a little voice interrupts your lazy day with pronouncements of how much of a failure you are?  Next thing you know, you’re on Kindle or Audible looking for just the right self-help book to help get you off your ass.  You’re perusing the internet looking for inspiration, hoping to come across that one blog post that’s going to plant a nice, firm boot in your ass and motivate you to do what you already know needs doing?

If you’ve found yourself walking this path, I have just one thing to tell you:


Sword II
Ry Summers being himself…with a sword…

That’s right.  Just stop it.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s a good idea to forgo reading.  In fact, reading is one of the best things you can do for your brain.  Read, and then read some more.  But do that reading when you’re not busy making shit happen.


How many of you remember Pinocchio?  You remember his friend, Jiminy Cricket?  You know, the little insect that was supposed to be his conscience?  What was the refrain?  “And always let your conscience be your guide!”

I’m going to call bullshit on that.

Before I go on, I’m not saying to kill off any semblance of morality you have.  What I’m saying is, that inner voice is, in most cases, is your worst enemy.  That inner voice is given to criticizing you.  That inner voice is telling you who you need to emulate to be successful.  That inner voice is trying to convince you that if you do not sign up for that sweet, new money-making system (you know, that one that promises you the moon if you give out your email address and shed more than a fair fraction of your hard-earned dollar), you’re never going to be any better than you are right now.

You need to kill your inner voice.  You need to kill Jiminy Cricket.

I know, I know.  It’s hard to let go of childish things, like refusing to be yourself for the sake of impressing everyone who has absolutely no stake in the outcome of your life.

Screw that.

The best thing you can do for YOU is to be yourself.

I’m on Instagram.  I’m looking at all of my favorite photographers trade pain for gains.  I’m picking up what they’re putting down, reading what they’re writing, and I’m noticing something:


No pretention, and no worry about the backlash they may receive for being crass.

Hell, a man who shouldn’t be President of the United States of America is currently president because he did not give a damn about how he came off to the media, to liberals, or to his own audience.

I’m not suggesting that if you’re as crass as he is, you should employ that particular strategy to garner business—unless the audience you’re aiming at is into that sort of thing.  What I am suggesting is that you be yourself.


I’m literally seeing people, who weren’t getting results, start getting results once they let go and decided to be themselves.  And that’s always a challenge.



Trust me, that little bugger isn’t doing you any favors.  All he’s doing is holding you back.

Don’t take this to mean you should break the law, intentionally hurt people, or sell your soul to the devil just to get an edge (in fact, if being yourself means your commitment to the aforementioned, please stop reading this right now).

No, I mean, kill off that voice that fills you with doubt.  Kill off that voice that tells you that you need to travel the road most traveled, that voice that tells you that you need to be like your favorite Kardashian to make yourself known.  Seriously, if you’re going to make a sex tape with a celebrity to help boost your modeling/makeup manufacturing career, by golly, let that sex tape be authentically YOU.

I know, this is advice people always give when there’s nothing better to say.



For the record, the all caps, bold type, is me yelling at you.

Stay tuned.  I’m just getting this blog revamped, so expect to see more on photography and more of what I think.

And while you’re waiting, tell me what you think in the comments.  Do you agree or disagree?  Do you have better advice?  Or, we can just chit chat, because, why the hell not?

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