What Nobody Tells You About Sunday Mornings…



My apologies if you’re a morning person.  The only question I have for you is this:

What the *&%$ is wrong with you?

For the rest of you, I’m probably preaching to the choir.

A Sunday morning is a time for sleeping in and not waking up until noon…unless you go to church on Sundays, a ritual in which I take no part.

But I was up this past Sunday morning, having made plans to go on a photo walk of Downtown Oklahoma City during sunrise, right into the morning golden hour.

The saving grace of my lack of sleep is that I took some decent shots.  I mean, they’re adequate.  Not at all what I was expecting, but certainly worth the trip.

While you’re enjoying these photos, think about your own Sunday morning.  Did YOU get to sleep in?  Tell me about it.


3 Replies to “What Nobody Tells You About Sunday Mornings…”

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