A Statement of Good Faith

I’m going to be serious for a moment (don’t get used to it)…

I’m asking you to trust me with something that is very dear to you: your privacy.  As such, I want to make you a promise.

Any information captured by this site, or sent to me in private communications, will not be shared, distributed, or sold.

If you hire me for a job, and you consent to allowing the commercial use of your image whether online or offline, such use will be confined to my portfolio, advertising, and self promotion.  Regardless of the status of my relationship with you, whether positive or negative, you will never, ever have to worry about your image or information being used in ways that will hurt your reputation, call your character into question, or cause you undue stress.  Not only is that bad for business and my own reputation, but it’s just not a nice thing to do to people.

That is my promise to you.

Now, go back to my blog and wonder at how I have not yet been committed.  See you there!