OKC Photographer Ry Summers



Hi!  Call me Ry.

I was born somewhere, had a childhood not unlike those portrayed in movies about kids facing adversity from school bullies gaining superpowers for no particular reason, then I joined the military, went to school, and here I am.

This is where life happens…at least for me.

So, if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a photographer.  I’d even venture to say I’m pretty decent at it.  Honestly, photography was not my first choice of talent or career (come to think if it, neither was moving to Oklahoma, or being a photographer in OKC), but circumstance and fortune joined forces to see my way to falling in-love with this art form.

Welcome to the world of Object Affection!  Please look around, lose yourselves in the photos, and, if you’re ever looking to hire a photographer with a passion only rivaled by his skill, don’t hesitate to get in touch!